Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can any agency participate in the National Police Research Platform?
 A: During the next phase of the Platform’s development, a diverse sample of agencies will be selected to participate to achieve diversity by size and region. However, the Platform will remain open to agencies that would like to volunteer. A limited number of volunteer slots will be available.

Q: How can I learn more about the Platform?
A: Under the column “Contact”, you can send us an email with questions and comments. You can also directly contact Susan Hartnett, Project Manager at

Q: Can I see the results for individual agencies?
A: At this time, results are not available for individual agencies. At present, you can see the results from agencies grouped by size in the “Topical reports” (found in the left-hand column). As the Platform grows, we expect that agencies will volunteer to have their results posted on the website, similar to the Uniform Crime Reports.

Q: I have ideas or suggestions for the Platform (e.g. topics that should be covered). How should I communicate these ideas?
A: If you have ideas, suggestions or comments, go to “Contact” and submit them to the Platform team. Your identity will remain confidential.

Q: Are their any risks to individual police officers or civilians who participate in the National Police Research Platform?
A: The information provided by individual officers or civilians is strictly protected. For most surveys from officers, the responses are anonymous, so their identities are unknown. In cases where the results are confidential, the information is de-identified so that survey results cannot be linked to individuals. The research team is forbidden from releasing any identifying information to participating agencies or to the public.